Cyber Security Survey


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Cyber Security Survey
1. How are you currently monitoring applications for security issues?
2. Do you think we have addressed cybersecurity at its basic? If not why?
3. What do you think is the point where we should start and do more regarding cybersecurity?
4. What do you think we have missed with respect to cybersecurity?
5. Who do you think is responsible for cybersecurity?
Cyber Security Survey
6. What do you think that how have cyber attackers sought to take advantage of the covid19 pandemic?
7. How secure do you think are the devices that employees are using to work from home?
8. Is the IT team, at you organization or any other that you may know, set up to deploy remote access systems?
9. How do you think will incident response be managed technically with a completely remote workforce?
10. How can incident response be practiced remotely?
Cyber Security Survey
11. How should companies be exercising oversight on their staff in relation to the heightened cyber risks?
12. What actions should companies take vis-a-vis their suppliers and contractors to minimize cyber risks?
13. Do you think of any crisis plans and policies concerning the use of information, equipment and remote working need to be developed/amended?
14. How do you think will the crisis team communicate and share documents without compromising confidentiality or legal privilege?
15. What kind of direction and methodologies should we use in cybersecurity and digitalization to leap to where we should be?
16. What lessons do you think should we learn from covid19 pandemic in cyber security and digitalization?
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